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Access4All is Simple

A clearinghouse in the cloud for the global management and exchange of accessibility assets solves our diverse needs and interests

Content creators, distributors, broadcasters, or anyone else in the media industry all over the world now have a common platform to look for accessibility assets already created or to upload accessibility assets to be shared universally without risking any rights or property of their content.

How it works

  1. Owner or authorized party of accessibility assets uploads the files to Access4All (captions, audio description, subtitles, SL video version can be uploaded). See specification of the files following this link: Access4all format files.
  2. Owner or authorized party uploads the audio needed to create the fingerprint of the media content. This audio is not stored or shared in Access4Alll(*).
  3. Owner of accessibility assets, or authorized party, grants universal access to those assets via the Access4All app.
  1. Members of Access4All that have uploaded content to the clearinghouse are authorized to download free of charge the same amount of hours they have uploaded to our catalog (**) for NON-COMMERCIAL PURPOSES.
  2. Now, let your audience know your content is accessible!.
Our suggestions are:
  • Use the Access4All icon to identify content with accessibility available in the clearinghouse. (Download Access4All icon here)
  • Use a bumper to announce accessibility. (Sample)
  • Create your own campaign and share it.

The Access4All team is working with the media industry, and users of the Access4All app to create additional guidelines and exchange possibilities that will be available in November of 2021.

If you are a user of Access4All accessibility features, please go to How to use Access4All

(*) Read about our safety policies to handle audio of media content required for fingerprinting creation.
(**) Send us an email to info@dicaptafoundation.org to obtain our updated catalog and know your exchange possibilities.