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Benefits for All

Benefits for All

By enrolling to Access4All you are contributing to the creation of a global clearinghouse of accessibility assets that will benefit audiences with disabilities worldwide while respecting and protecting the intellectual property of the accessibility assets and media content. At the same time you will benefit from cost savings and an efficient method to handle your accessibility creations.

Annual Membership Benefits

  • Access to audio description, captioning, subtitles, and  Sign Language (SL) versioning files of media content.
  • Cloud storage for your accessibility assets.
  • Unlimited upload capabilities for audio description, captioning, subtitles, and SL versioning files.
  • Unlimited capabilities for downloading your own accessibility assets.

Benefits for your audience

  • Users with sensory disabilities will enjoy media content by selecting their preferred accessibility feature, when available in Access4All clearinghouse.
  • Accessibility located in Access4All clearinghouse can be synchronized with the media content anytime, anywhere, by anyone who needs it.
  • Access4All app is universally available free of charge at the App and Google Play stores.
  • Access4All app allows users to access the accessibility features using the screen of their device, their Braille displays, or voice over.


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Membership Levels

Take advantage of our introductory offer

From today to November 30, 2021 all our members will enjoy special introductory packages and unlimited upload capabilities!!!

Individual membership

  • Designed for creators interested in using our platform to make their media content universally accessible.
  • Contact us for rates depending on your content and target audience*.

Corporate Membership

  • Designed for the media industry worldwide to allow and promote accessibility assets exchange.
  • Available for $5,000 per year. Contact us to apply.
*For members outside the USA ask for our prices based upon the World Bank designation of countries based on income. (https://datahelpdesk.worldbank.org/knowledgebase/articles/906519#Low_income). All fees listed are in U.S. Dollars (USD).